ID Requirement to Purchase a Gun

ID needed to buy a firearm:

Any type of transfer of a firearm or a pistol/long gun are regulated and requires a California Firearm Dealer license to process.  You’re probably wondering why “California Firearm Dealers” and not an FFL.  To have a California Firearm Dealer, one must have a FFL from the federal government. California is much more stricter with many more requirements than the federal government.  More information here about proof of residency.

  • What is required? Here is a quick list:
    • California resident
    • Requires a 4473 form and a background check for the buyer
    • 10 days waiting period 
    • Gun lock or safety locking device approved by the State of California
    • Firearm Safety Certificate
    • One handgun per any 30 day period (starting July 1, 2021 this will apply to long guns too).
    • Gun or rifle must be clearly marked with the manufacturer’s make or model, and serial number.

A California Driver’s license should be sufficient to provide your ID and age to purchase a handgun or a long gun.  However, if your ID is from outside this state or if it indicates “federal limits apply” then further proof of residency is required.  For those with “federal limits apply”/ out of state ID, you must provide proof that you are lawfully living her in the US. You will need one(1) of the following to satisfy this obligation:

  1. Unexpired US passport
  2. Certified copy of US birth cert
  3. Cert of birth abroad (Certificate of report of birth (DS-1350) or consular report of birth abroad of a citizen of the USA.
  4. Unexpired Foreign passport with a valid US immigrant visa and approved record of arrival/departure form (I-94)
  5. Cert copy from a US Territory
  6. Cert of Naturalization or US Citizenship
  7. Unexpired Permanent Resident Card.

If your proof of residency has a different name compared to your driver’s license, you must provide the following:

  1. An adoption document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the adoption.
  2. A name change document that contains the applicant’s legal name both before and, as a result of, the name change.
  3. A marriage certificate.
  4. A dissolution of marriage document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the court action.
  5. A certificate, declaration or registration document verifying the formation of a domestic partnership.
  6. A dissolution of domestic partnership document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the court action.




Other requirements:

  • All transfer of firearm in the state of California requires the use of a background check which requires us to fill out a form 4473. 
  • All purchasers of firearm must possess a “Firearm Safety Certificate”.   Any gun shop or a FFL dealers will be able to assist you in obtaining this certificate.