Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfer information:

Please email us here about your online purchase:

Use Tax:

  • Use tax may apply if the online retailer did not indicated in the receipt that they removed California tax.
  • FFL dealers are required to collect – if they don’t then they are liable for the used tax owed.

Other information:

For exempted Californians only.  If you have the following document, bring them with you.  No documents, then exemptions do not apply (the law is clear and I must follow them). 
  • 10 Day waiting period exemption
    • CFD Number
    • *Peace Officer (active or retired) a  letter from your “head of their law enforcement agency” with their “wet signature”.
    • Special Weapons Permit documentation / number 
  • 30 day  exemption.  You’ll only need the documents if you intend to purchase more than one handgun in a 30 day period.
    • #3FFL with your COE
    • *Peace Officers 
  • Peace Officer Non-Roster Handgun Transfer
    • Peace Officer (active or retired) a  letter from your “head of their law enforcement agency” with their wet signature (within 30days)

Storage fees applies:

  • Firearm not claimed 10 days after approval from CA DOJ will incur a charge of $3 per day. Our office is small and we require the storage space. All attempts will be made to communicate with you to make sure you pick up your firearm/ammo/firearm component in a timely manner.

Click here for:

*Peace Officers – If you do not want your proof of residency documents photo copied (I need it by law) then it is permissible to copy your badge/police ID.   For Federal Agents, copying your badge is not permissible per federal regulations.

FFL Transfer Fees

  • Hand Gun:
    • $50 All Handguns (tax and DROS extra)
  • Long Gun:
    • $50 All Long Guns (tax and DROS extra)
  • NICs Check:
    • $37.19 California DROS
  • Other:
    • $50 C&R handguns (tax and DROS extra)
    • $40 Ammos (tax and DROS extra)
    • $20 Dealer fee for each additional firearm DROS’d in the same transaction.
Private Party Transfer
  • *$47.19 PPT Fee
    • (2 CA residents face to face) for 1 firearm
    • Buyer and Seller must be present.  
    • *DROS included


You can make your appointment one to two day after the scheduled delivery.

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